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At the BRAIN ACADEMY, we are passionate about the human mind! We strongly believe that if we want to improve our life, we need to understand and improve our brain. And it is that process of understanding and improvement that we want to share with you.

We are extremely excited to have you here. We’ve been growing at an amazing rate and if you’re not already one of them, we hope you will soon join our 85.000+ students in 195 countries.

We’re extremely honored that The Economist chose us as a partner to offer our courses to their readers.


We've also recently been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (6 million readers)

And we're a proud member of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research. As part of our collaboration, we dedicate a part of our profits to support their research. Which means that when you buy one of our courses, you support brain research as well.

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But the best part, the most rewarding part, are the many message we get from our students, thanking us for putting this information out there...

But don't take our word for it, just see for yourself what some of our students have to say:

Thomas Meurling
Helio Costa
Betty Zsoldos
Michael C Borgert

I really like this guy, so I bought all his courses. Within his area, he is on a level above everyone else I listened to. Strongly recommend his courses.                                              Thomas Meurling

Well driven approach. It's very easy to understand and get into it. Simple, straight to the point and not fully of "magical solutions". I've enjoyed it. Looking forward for more content about it from you Greg. Thanks again!                                                        Helio Costa

That's TERRIFIC! Gregory, you've made a perfect job again!!! A thousand of thanks! ... The only thing is that I couldn't make notes, because my eyes were glued to the screen - so, I can go back, start again, doing the quiz - so, after the raised dopamine-level the job-part of mine is coming! :-))) Betty                                                    Betty Zsoldos

Gregory took something extremely complicated and made it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Highly recommended.                                                                       Michael C Borgert

Where do I start ... ?

So join us! Become part of this Brain Revolution. Empower yourself through knowledge. Learn about yourself. Learn about others. Gain a higher understanding of why we do the things we do the way we do them. And then apply those insights in your own life.