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At the BRAIN ACADEMY, we are passionate about the human mind! We strongly believe that if we want to improve our life, we need to understand and improve our brain. And it is that process of understanding and improvement that we want to share with you.

We are extremely excited to have you here. We’ve been growing at an amazing rate and if you’re not already one of them, we hope you will soon join our 50.000+ students in 182 countries.

We’re extremely honored that The Economist chose us as a partner to offer our courses to their readers.

But the best part, the most rewarding part, are the many message we get from our students, thanking us for putting this information out there...

But don't take our word for it, just listen to what some of our students have to say:


Where do I start ... ?

So join us! Become part of this Brain Revolution. Empower yourself through knowledge. Learn about yourself. Learn about others. Gain a higher understanding of why we do the things we do the way we do them. And then apply those insights in your own life.

Online courses

Our specialty is the brain, and we apply those insights to all kind of fields, such as personal development, parenting, stress, marketing, memory, focus, leadership, habits, and so on...

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In these 5 to 7 week long Masterclasses, submerge yourself into your brain to gain an unprecedented level of understanding and mastery of what's going on between your ears.

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If you're looking for personal advice and follow up, our Mentorship program is for you. Book a series of one-on-one sessions and gain a unique perspective on your life and challenges.

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